Winter Training Returns!!

Indoor Cycling - Wahoo Kickr Studio


There is a chill in the air and that means Kickr Classes are BACK!

Our experienced certified Coaches will guide you through a 90 minute structured workout on your bike in a group setting. The M3 Studio utilizes the Wahoo Kickr Studio software to create a road like feel.  These classes are open to everyone from Beginners to Pros, committed cyclists to weekend riders.  Our software and smart trainers allow everyone to pedal side by side with all workouts based on individual FTP.


Monday - 6:00 pm Pedaling Strength & Technique with Cameron

Tuesday - 6:00 pm Pedaling Strength & Technique with Jamey

Thursday - 6:00 pm Pedaling Strength & Technique with Cameron

Saturday - 10:30 am Pedaling Strength & Technique with Jamey

Sunday - 3:30 pm Pedaling Strength & Technique with Adam

Oct/Nov/Dec Classes will focus on building base Power/Strength and Improving Economy with Pedaling Technique.

Jan/Feb/Mar Classes will focus on Increasing Threshold Power and Anaerobic Speed with Interval Drills.

Coaches will ensure participants understand the numbers (Watts, Heart Rate Zones and RPMs) 

Classes begin Saturday, October 19, 2019.  Registration is open now!  Daily Drop-In will be available as space is available for $35 per class.

$20 Discount applied when signing up for multiple classes. 

Equipment Required:

Bike, Heart Rate Monitor, Cadence Sensor, H2O Bottles, Hand Towel, Bath Towel (Showers Available)

Bring your own Ant+ Heart Rate Strap and Cadence Sensor or purchase with registration. 

*VO2 max testing is also available & recommended to determine custom Heart Rate Training Zones.  20% discount offered to class participants. Contact to schedule and appointment.