Quintana Roo



Whether you’re training for your first triathlon, your 20th IRONMAN, or somewhere in between, you have our full support. From inventing the first triathlon specific bike in 1987 to crafting an ultimate rider experience, at Quintana Roo, family is about loving what you ride, and sharing that experience on the road, at events, and at the finish line. 

Quintana Roo bikes are tested in the wind tunnel and proven in the real world. Our signature SHIFT+ aerodynamic shaping has the power to propel you to faster, more efficient, bike splits.


Bikes and prices

  • PR3 - $2,600.00

  • PR4 Disk - $2,999.00

  • PR5 Ultegra - $3,850.00

  • PR5 Ultegra Race - $4,250.00

  • PR6 Ultegra - $5,200.00

  • PR5 Disk Ultegra Di2 - $6,100.00